HM = Happy Meal

MIP = Mint in Package

MIT = Mint on Tree on plastic holder

MOC = Mint on card

ND = No date listed on item

NP = Not packaged given out in loose form

JT = Junior Tute Happy Meal German

WUT = Wind up toy

PBT = Pull back toy

PDT = Press down toy

SQT = Squirt toy

PAT = Push along toy

ZPT = Zip pull toy

SPT = String pull toy

MP = Moveable parts

Free Gifts:

Free Gifts there are small presents witch run parallel to some series.
They can be part of the series or totally independent of it.

Clean –Up:

A time when the stores use left – over premiums, boxes, sacks from past promotions. Several clean- up weeks are scheduled each year.

Counter Card:

Advertising or customer information card.


Imaginary place where all Ronald McDonald’s cast of characters live and play; a playland area.


Advertising card within/along with the premium package.


Advertising medium witch holds/displays the toys being promoted and distributed during a month.


A premium or box which can be used for a variety of promotions. Not theme oriented


Advertising transparent sign used on overhead or drive-thru menu boards to illustrate the current promotion.

Zebra Stripes;

Used to identify packaged premiums suitable for children under 3.


Some Happy Meal items are tested before they are use. The test is to find out how well they sell and if there needs to be an adjustment in design to make the toy more attractive or safer.

Under 3:

Items witch are safety tested as being suitable for children under 3 years of age.