The Characters of McDonaldland

Ronald McDonald (RMCD)

RMCD was launched in 1963 in the USA.

He is used all over the world as advertising figure. His costume is yellow with a red zip.

He has red and white ringed arms and legs and his shoes are huge.

The name of Ronald McDonald is the same all over the world, except in Japan.

Because of the difficulties in pronouncing the “R” the Japanese know him as Donald McDonald. In China too his name is” McDonald Suk-Suk” which means something like Uncle McDonald.


Hamburglar is the most impudent of all the characters and is continually trying to get his fingers on someone else’s hamburger. He is clothed in a black-white striped prison suit with a black cape. His wide brimmed hat in Spanish style and the half mask covering his eyes are of course black as well.

His tie which is far too big is red with many yellow dots, sometimes little hamburger.

His appearance has changed a lot since his debut in 1971. At the beginning his face was that of an adult male with a nose which was far too big, two protruding teeth and long gray hair.

Now he has changed to become a small boy, about 5 years old with shorf red hair.


Grimace is large, fluffy and lilac colored, he is a little slow too, rather clumsy, ungainly and often a little helpless.

He is cheerful soul though and good nature.

Over the years his appearance has changed too. In his early days Grimace has four arms, now he has only two.


In 1980 first female character joined the McDonaldland gang. Birdie is a slightly

crazy bird, always good fun with a whole load of any ideas. She loves to fly but still have trouble landing. Birdie the early bird is yellow, has wings for arms, two plaits and a pink suit.


The mayor of McDonaldland wears yellow and purple striped trousers and a yellow waistcoat.

A broad purple ceremonial band draped diagonally from shoulder to hip adorns his red and purple colored jacket. His head is a cheese burger on which a small purple hat is perched.


The well dressed pirate wears beige trousers and brown boots. His red jacket is decorated with gold shoulder braid which conceals his long orange scarf.

His mustache and hair are black and his purple colered Napoleon hat is embellished with a large C not only this, he is the proud bearer of a sword.


The policeman wears blue trousers, high black boots and a long, bleu coat with belt and police star badge. His head is a Big Mac on top of which he wears a blue police cap; a pipe hangs round his neck.


The heads of both Fry Guy and Fry Girl are made up of many small French fries.

They both make their appearance in no end of different colours and with a variety of costumes.


Small, oval, potato-brown figures with faces. Like Fry Guy and Fry Girl they too wear a variety of costumes.