A1.Giant Key Chain

A2. Drive thru w/ Ronald popping out

A3. Blue bubble birdie car

A4. White train

B5. Rolling Grimace

B6. Barn w/ sliding blocks

B7. Red barn w/ sliding pink pig

B8. Green Jeep

C9. Padded Book

C10. Red dog house

C11. Looping ball w/ beads

C12. Boombox

D13. The Phone

D14. Roly Poly Dog

D15. 3 Colored Ball w/ Bells in it

D16. Red/Blue clock house

E17. Red / White / Blue McD's delivery truck

E18. Blue house w/ red roof a dog pops out the window

E19. Brown and white dog with red pull wheels

E20. Red car w/ yellow wheels and bubbles popping on the front.

F21. Yellow school bus.

F22. White Horse.

F23. Bubble popper with handle.

F24. Whiffle ball with smaller balls inside.

G25. Little People on white airplane.

G26. Ronald in a boat.

G27. Hamburglar in a hamburger.

G28. Little People on a red tractor.

H29. Cordless Phone

H30. Red/Yellow radio with turning dial, and green antenna.

H31. White base with pole, and blue and yellow rings around the pole.

H32. Green Roly Poly w/ white and orange faces

I33. Roller w/ Handle. Ronald and Birdie on Roller

I34. Hamburger with Hamburglar popping out top and bottom.

I35. Blue and Yellow Train w/ Engineer andRed wheels.

I36. Yellow McD w/ Press in Grimace that changes Ronald into Birdie.

J37. Camera w/ red button and yellow flash. Swirled lense.

J38. Blue running dog w/ yellow heart

J39. Red white and blue ambulance

J40. Grey elephant pulling small white animal

K41. Yellow Taxi

K42. Dalmation driving a red car.

K43. White running cow w/ yellow bell.

K44. Red, yellow, blue stacking tube pieces

L45. McD's Shake

L46. McD's French Fries

L47. McD's Pie

L48. McD's Nuggets

M49. Blue Lantern with yellow beads inside

M50. Grimace driving a car

M51. Blue truck with eyes

M52. 4 puzzle pieces ( Maybe a Hippo? )

N53. Sunflower Rattle

N54. Squirrel in Tree

N55. School Bus

N56. Touch Tone Phone with Ronald's Picture

O57. Colored Bumble Bee

O58. Fish in fish bowl

O59. Blue / Grey Airplane

O60. Ronald driving Volkswagen Beetle.

P61 Green Frog

P62 Circus tent on wheels with a pop out monkey (Connects with #P63)

P63 Red / Yellow Circus Train (Connects with # P62)

P64 Yellow car key ring. Has alternating Grimace / Hamburglar driving.

Q65 Plush Grimace

Q66 3 Piece Ronald

Q67 School Bus

Q68 Spotted Insect

R69 Birdie in a Red Airplane

R70 Yellow Bugle

R71 Police Car

R72 Blue Truck with eyes (Re-packaged M-51)

S73 Little People Dump Truck

S74 Little People Firetruck

S75 Little People Helicopter

S76 Little People Tricycle

T77 Cow on 2 wheels with Mirror

T78 Grimace with Hat

T79 Turtle with a marble in his shell

T80 Barn with Pink Pig

U81 Blue Robot

U82 Red/Yellow/Blue Cookie Jar

U83 Sunflower Rattle - Repeat of N53

U84 3 Piece Ronald - Repeat of Q66

V85 Plush Bumble Bee

V86 Red See and Say

V87 Hamburglar

V88 Blue Mini Van

W89 Monkey Driving a Car

W90 Yellow Spotted Puppy

W91 White / Brown Dog w/ Moving Feet

W92 McNugget - Balls in Tube

X93 Whiffle Ball w/ Balls

X94 Giraffe Rattle

X95 Dog in Dog House

X96 Orange Tow Truck

03-1 Plastic Bumblebee

03-2 Chicken Dance Elmo

03-3 Birdie in an Airplane

03-4 Elmo in A Brown Sack